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When water and flooding damage strikes, you can entrust your home and your family’s wellbeing to the experts at Service Star Restorations.

Water damage can be caused by many unpredictable factors, including burst pipes, faulty appliances, HVAC issues, and weather-related disasters. No matter the cause, the end result is a stressful, difficult, and often very upsetting period of time. Consequences of water damage are inconvenient at best and dangerous at worst.

Service Star Restorations recognizes what a hard time this creates for a homeowner. Acting swiftly, our highly experienced and expert team will assess the state of the damage. Homes with water damage are immediately prone to mold and further flooding. We begin by remedying the initial issues and proceed with damage control.

We treat your household belongings as though they are our own. Working with care and patience, our services will quickly restore your home to its safe, comfortable initial state.

In addition to offering fast response times, Service Star Restorations is pleased to provide our services at affordable and competitive rates. When disaster strikes, we are ready.

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Categories of Water Damage

To accurately and fully assess the damage to your Randallstown home, water damage is broken into three categories. Category 1 refers to clean water, which does not imply a safety hazard to humans. It would apply to broken appliances such as laundry machines or sink overflows.

Category 2 is called grey water, indicating that water is contaminated and contains microorganisms. The causes include broken toilets, sump pumps, and seepage.

Category 3 is black water, which is unsanitary water that contains bacteria and poses an immediate threat of illness. Sources include sewage backups and contamination or standing water.

There are also four classes of water damage, which are primarily dependent on materials in the home. Class 1 is the least harmful form of damage; very little water is absorbed into household materials. Class 2 is slightly more serious but has a fast rate of evaporation from materials. Examples include carpets and cushions. Class 3 also has a fast rate evaporation. It refers to water damage from sprinklers or overhead sources, and damage is therefore confined to walls and furniture. Finally, Class 4 is the most labor-intensive and will require special water removal and restoration procedures. It implies damage to hardwood floors, concrete, or plaster.

Restoration Process

It is important to act fast after water damage has occurred. Quick action could mean the difference between a home being declared condemnable or not.

Service Star Restorations uses the latest sophisticated equipment and policies to remedy the damage situation in your Randallstown home. Water will first be fully removed using a system of pumps and vacuums. Following this, drying and dehumidification begins. It is crucially important to remove any remaining moisture from the environment.

Personal belongings will then be cleaned and sanitized. Any drapes, carpets, or clothing that has been damaged will be given antimicrobial treatment.

When these steps have been taken care of, the restoration process begins. This involves the replacing of materials such as insulation, drywall, floors, or ceilings as needed.

Water damage mold issues can lead to a host of health risks and problems. Exposure to mold can aggravate symptoms of asthma and other respiratory conditions, particularly in children and those with compromised immune systems.

In your time of need, you can be confident of the thoroughness and rapidity of Service Star Restorations’s services in Randallstown.